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Here's a small collection of books which you may find interesting if your child is climbing. I haven't read them all and would like to know if you find them useful or even appropriate. I've tried to find current places where you may find these books. The nature of these links mean that they may change very frequently, so let me know if they do.

Beginners Guide for Climbers

The beginners Guide for climbers

Author: Sophie Mitchell
February 2012
Cost: £9.95
Available from: Rockfax, specialist outdoor retailers and climbing walls.

A new book aimed at young climbers learning the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS). It features cartoon illustrations giving step-by-step instructions on the basic skills required for Levels 1, 2 and some of 3 of the scheme and is fully endorsed by NICAS. It is also endorsed by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland.

The book comes with a robust hardback fold-out cover and is packaged with a short section of cord which enables readers to practice the knots they are learning in the book.

BMC A parent's guide to climbing, walking and mountaineering

A parent's guide to climbing, walking and mountaineering

Climbing, walking and mountaineering: a parent's guide. If your child is interested in climbing, walking or mountaineering, then read this free BMC booklet which explains about the benefits, and risks, of these activities.

The booklet introduces the risks and benefits of climbing, walking or mountaineering so that parents can be better informed about the activities in which their child may participate.

The guide is written for the non-climber so complex or specialist terms, which might be new to some parents, are explained clearly and simply without jargon.

It includes sections on child protection, parental responsibility, the nature of clubs, awards and qualifications, and the role of the BMC.

The booklet is useful for parents and anyone who takes under-18s climbing, hill walking and mountaineering with parental consent.
It is available as a free download or to buy as a printed booklet in the BMC online shop.

FREE: download a PDF version here.
Buy copies of the printed booklet in the BMC shop

Climbing Games

Paperback: 128 pages
Author: Paul Smith
Pesda Press (16 April 2009)
ISBN-10: 1906095167
ISBN-13: 978-1906095161

Description: Challenge and train your hands, feet, body and brain with over 120 climbing games. This book is for anyone wanting to have fun climbing while developing crucial skills. The games described can be used in a wide range of activities from working on specific skills to fun warm-ups. As an aid to a climbing session or as the sole activity, climbing movements can be broken down and practised in a safe but challenging environment.The book takes an introductory look at which specific aspects of climbing and methods of coaching are important - together with some aspects of sports science, this give the text a dual purpose as a coaching manual and as an encyclopaedia of games.Many of these games are particularly suited to those that are new to climbing and wish to improve their skills. If you're new to climbing, you'll find games which introduce some essential skills (such as 'crimping' a hold). Equally, old hands may welcome new games as an aid to helping friends progress or as an addition to a weekly climbing session.As a qualified instructor or an informal coach teaching friends or a parent teaching their children, this book provides an invaluable tool for hours of practical training or even just entertainment for rainy afternoons! The easy to use format allows those coaching or even the client themselves to select their own games based on current needs and desires. The overview of skills employed in each game will help you turn play into progress.

Fun Climbs Colorado: Best Family Climbing Vacations [Paperback]
Publisher: Sharp End Publishing; 1st edition (2008)
Author: Sibylle Hechtel

Synopsis: Looking for epic-free climbing outings suited for kids, visiting family and older climbers? Hechtel has distilled her extensive knowledge of Colorado climbing and has thoughtfully chosen the best routes at eight major Colorado climbing areas as well as Vedauwoo, WY. Insightful advice attends to the special needs of climbing with family members of all ages. This guide also bridges the gap between climbing guide and vacation planner detailing logistical information necessary for families.

Scrambles and Easy Climbs in the Lake District
Publisher: Grey Stone Books (29 April 2003)
Authors: Jon Sparkes, Judith Brown
ISBN-10: 0951599690
ISBN-13: 978-0951599693

Writer/photographer Jon Sparks has teamed up with Judith Brown to produce a book that bridges the gap between scrambling and climbing. By linking scrambles and easy climbs (up to V Diff) it opens up a host of immensely satisfying days out, most of which end up on a summit or a ridge. Above all, whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, this book will show you where to go for great days out on great Lakeland rock.

Scrambles and Easy Climbs in Snowdonia
Publisher: Grey Stone Books; New Ed edition (April 2005)
Authors: Jon Sparks, Tom Hutton, Jerry Rawson
ISBN-10: 1902017013
ISBN-13: 978-1902017013

Jon Sparks has teamed up with Trail magazine's Tom Hutton and ace photographer Jerry Rawson to produce a follow up to Scrambles & Easy Climbs in the Lake District.

Rock Climbing (Kids' Guides)
Publisher: Child's World (Jan 2004)
Author: Tim Seeberg
ISBN-10: 1592960332
ISBN-13: 978-1592960330
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Outdoor Family Guide: A Complete Camping, Hiking, Canoeing, Nature Watching, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Climbing and General Fun Book for Kids (and Their Parents)
Publisher: TAB Books Inc (Jun 1998)
Author: Michael Hodgson
ISBN-10: 0070291845
ISBN-13: 978-0070291843

The author and his daughter tell how to adapt your outdoor sports and trips and make them fun and safe for children of all ages. The text explains how to pick the right equipment, plan a camping trip, survive in the wilderness and generally introduce your children to outdoor sports.

Postcards from Buster: Buster Climbs the Walls
Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers (7 Sep 2005)
Author: Marc Tolon Brown
ISBN-10: 0316159131
ISBN-13: 978-0316159135
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Buster Baxter is a character based on the Arthur television series in America. He thinks he could never be a rock climber like his new friends in Boulder. When they take him to an indoor climbing wall, he quickly changes his mind.

Climbing Mount Everest (Using Maths 2)
Publisher: ticktock Media Ltd (30 Jun 2006)
Author: Hilary Koll
ISBN-10: 1860079873
ISBN-13: 978-1860079870

Climbing with Children
Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press; 1.00 edition (May 1, 1996)
Author: Gary Joyce
ISBN-10: 0897321421

An American publication written by a parent for parents, Climbing with Children shows how to have fun climbing with your kids while ensuring a safe outing. Not just another book on rock craft, this guide examines the special concerns present when children climb, from preparing their bodies and minds to managing them at the cliffs. You'll also learn about stretching techniques, pre-climbing exercises, climb selection and setting up top-ropes.
WARNING: Do not take your child climbing on a rope unless you are fully qualified or already have the skills required!

Rock Climbing: Making It to the Top
Publisher: Red Brick Learning (Aug 2005)
Author: Cynthia A. Dean
ISBN-10: 0736857354
Reading level: Ages 4-8

A Time to Climb (Rocket Power Ready-To-Read)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Jan 2004)
Authors: Wendy Wax, Artful Doodlers
ISBN-10: 0689858574
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Rock Climbing (Wonder Books: Level 2 Activities)
Publisher: Child's World (Aug 2000)
Author: Cynthia Fitterer Klingel
ISBN-10: 1567668178
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Rock Climbing (Extreme Sports: An Imagination Library)
Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing (Jan 2005)
Author: John E. Schindler
ISBN-10: 0836845412
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Rock Climbing (Extreme Sports)
Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group (Jan 2004)
Author: Chris Oxlade
ISBN-10: 0822512408
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Everest (DK Discoveries)
Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing (Jan 2005)
Authors: Richard Platt, Russell Barnet, John James
ISBN-10: 0789461676
Reading level: Ages 4-8



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