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28 December 2013
9 year old boy climbs tallest peak in the Americas!

9 year old climbs Aconcaguaa

A nine-year-old boy from the United States has become the youngest person to reach the summit of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas.
"Any kid can really do this, all they have to do is try, and set their mind to the goal," he said after reaching the peak on Christmas Eve.


28 October 2013
The BMC launches their new video channel

World speed climbing record

Check out this mobile-friendly video about the BMC Youth Climbing series event at Eica Ratho in Scotland.

Ella Kirkpatrick: on climbing El Cap

Ella Kirkpatrick: Photo by Andy Kirkpatrick

11 February 2013

Ella Kirkpatrick’s story of becoming the youngest girl to climb El Cap was shown on Children's BBC in February. The BMC's Alex Messenger caught up with her to find out more.

Last October, Ella Kirkpatrick, 14, from Sheffield became the youngest girl to climb the mighty El Cap in Yosemite. Then just 13, she tackled the challenges of searing heat, lack of water, endless jumaring and her mum’s permission to join her dad, the famous climber Andy Kirkpatrick, on a big wall adventure.

From the BMC site


Young climbing prodigy Tito Traversa sadly killed by fall

05 July 2013

12-year-old Italian climbing prodigy Tito Claudio Traversa has passed away after being hospitalized from a 50-foot groundfall. reports that Traversa was warming up on a 6b sport climb at the popular limestone venue of Orpierre, France, during a trip with his local climbing wall team, which included 10 kids and three adults.

Apparently, the quickdraws used to equip the route were slung incorrectly, which resulted in total failure and a groundfall. Details regarding the improper usage of the quickdraws are still vague, however, a rough translation of Grimper's report notes that the slings on the draws were attached to the carabiners incorrectly.

From the UKC web site

More about the quickdraws used - A reminder to always check your gear.

11 year-old girl shatters climbing records

Feb 2013

This is a great video of young American climber Brooke Raboutou. Brooke is the daughter of Didier Raboutou and Robyn Erbesfield - two champion climbers from the early 1990's. It is no surprise that with a climbing pedigree like that Brooke has redpointed the difficult limestone sport route of Welcome To Tijuana (8c) in Rodellar, Spain at the tender age of 11! In this video we see Brooke in action on the rock, in the family home, and we meet her parents.

From the UKC web site


Kids Climbing At Elite Levels

July 27, 2012

2012 seems to mark the year of the pre-teen protégé. Cameron Horst, an 11 year old climber from PA has sent (climbed) a number of 5.14a routes this year. His latest send was James Litz’s Private Halfenheimer (5.14a) at Ten Sleep in Wyoming.

By Laura Boniello Miller


Schoolboy climbs wall with vacuums

30 June 2010

A 13-year-old schoolboy has managed to climb walls using an invention he created for a class project. Hibiki Kono, along with his teacher Angus Gent, explained to Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams how it works and the inspiration behind the idea. Hibiki was inspired by the BBC's Bang Goes the Theory.
Find out more at

Ashima Shiraishi, 11, Conquers Extremely Difficult Bouldering Climbs

Ashima Shiraishi

03 December 2012

Ashima Shiraishi, an 11-year-old bouldering enthusiast from New York City, has been turning more than a few heads in the climbing world.

Ashima had just begun a two-week climbing expedition this spring at Hueco Tanks, a state park that is a mecca for bouldering enthusiasts, 860 acres of rock masses surrounded by endless desert and sky 30 miles northeast of El Paso.

Three days after she arrived, she stunned the bouldering world by climbing Crown of Aragorn, an exceedingly difficult route that requires climbers to contort their bodies and hang practically upside down by their fingers as they navigate a rock that juts out from the ground at a 45-degree angle.

On the scale of V0 to V16 that governs bouldering, Crown of Aragorn is a V13, a level that only a few female climbers had reached.

None were 10 years old, as she was.

Find out more from the New York Times.

10 year old climbs Schwarzhorn, 2927m in the Bernese Oberland

16 October 2008

Dad Paul Kellagher told me about a climb he and his 10 year-old daughter Anna did this summer.
Read more here...

Jordan Romero, 13, becomes youngest to scale Everest

22 May 2010

Wow. What an inspiration to all young climbers!

Jon Cruces aged 8, climbs the Mönch (4.107m) via Normal route from the hut.

11 September 2009

Not strictly a news story, but amazing anyway and certainly newsworthy, Jon of Cercedilla, Spain, has been climbing serious mountains since the age of 3! user page

Visit Jons blog:

Rock climbing lessons: Unleash your inner rock star

08 Sep 2009

Climbing offers fun, fitness and freedom for children.
Published in the by Clover Stroud

13-Year-Old Summits Carstensz Pyramid

2 September 2009

Jordan Romero, the 13-year-old boy looking to be the youngest Seven Summits climber, stands atop Australia/Oceania

Ted Alvarez,

Kids scale Helvellyn – via Sands climbing wall

30 July 2009

TWO Cumbrian teenagers brought the slopes of Helvellyn to Carlisle with a 24-hour indoor climb.


Published by

Tallest climbing frame in the West Midlands is unveiled in Walsall

20 August 2009

A 25ft tall climbing tower, believed to be the tallest in the West Midlands, has been unveiled in Walsall and has been touring the borough over the summer.



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28 Dec 2013
9 year old boy climbs tallest peak in the Americas!
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