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Climbing fun games

Some games are to help with technique, and some help you remember climbing terms and safety. Some can be done on the climbing wall with friends, some online, some by downloading and printing. Hope you enjoy them all!

Real world games | Online games | KC Games

Real world games

Climbing game suggestions
(Best played on a bouldering wall.- compiled from original text by Žiga Janež)

Warming Up
The most boring part of training. To make it more interesting I give different exercises some funny names. Each kid takes turns at leading the warming up session. But others can also add an extra exercise. Example: while they are doing upper body warm up they must “run in place” or we start warming up with chasing and catching. If in a small space, to prevent any injuries while they are chasing each other, they must remain on all fours.
Value: warming muscles esp in the arms and legs

Take Away
Create a route with 20 holds with no marks on holds. Each climber climbs the route. After each successful climb/traverse the first climber choses one hold to avoid. If the next climber cannot climb/traverse it without falling then the original climber must prove it can be done. If that kid is successful then the unsuccessful climber must do some exercises, best for “antagonistic” or “opposing” muscles (back, legs, …) or vice versa. If no one can do it the game is over. This climbing game is best played in a bouldering gym.
Value: endurance, fluidity, memory, adaptability, challenge, finding new solutions

I use this game at the beginning of training (after warm up). All that you have to do is to mark the starting hold of a boulder line and the top (last hold) of it. Usually I use finger tape for markers.
Kids have to start and end with climbing at the marked holds. Between them they can use any holds, foot steps, edges, … If they are good climbers you can limit holds by color, use only foot steps for foot or limit the number of holds that they can use.
Value: visualization, warm-up

Hide & Find
You will need some items which you are going to hide all over the wall. I use plastic caps (many different colors). Give the cap to each child. He has to remember the color and shape then give it back to you. Then all the kids turn their backs while you hide all the caps. You place caps on the holds all over the wall. Hide them according to how good the climbers are (make them harder to find for the better climbers for example). When you are done every kid must find his own cap. If they are good climbers they must search for them while climbing. When a kid finds his cap he must climb to it take it and bring it to you. You can also play this game in pairs. One kid hides the cap and the other searches for it. Kids really love this game.
Value: endurance, adaptability

Another game

Copy Cat. A person starts on the wall and makes a move then hops off. Next person starts in the same position, copies the move, then adds one. And so on and so on. The game is played at bouldering height and if you have a big enough wall/cave and enough supervision you can have multiple games going on at once, so that each group only has 2-4 climbers. Doesn't work so well with larger groups though.
With thanks to Kari Post on the Mountain Project forum

With friends on indoor walls
I was asked to find climbing games that kids can enjoy on walls and boulders. This link is for adult climbing games that could be adapted for children. PLEASE NOTE: children are not like small adults. They recover from fatigue in very different ways to adults. There could be long term consequences to overtraining for kids under the age of puberty. Please be sensible about how much climbing training you provide for your child, and look up relevant information about this before going ahead.
Real climbing games to play with friends


Real world games | Online games | KC Games

Online games


Flash games | Non-Flash games

Non-Flash (suitable for iPhone or iPad)

WARNING. Some games may be hosted on sites with unsuitable content. A responsible adult should check the game site first. Except where noted, these games are free and online.

Cyberclimber from
The online indoor climbing game! Choose a skill level, click on the appropriate holds, then select (at the top) to move the climber in a certain direction.

Pocket Climber app for iPhone
(Free) Endless parkour-style climber game on the side of a building - Like a vertical version of Temple run. Test your climbing skills and dodge your way past a variety of challenging obstacles, collecting coins on the way.
* For your safety, please don’t imitate any in game actions at home.

Paper Climb for iPad
Paper Climb offers a challenging wall-climbing game with really great style. You scale a virtual wall of paper while avoiding obstacles like falling stones (wadded-up paper -- everything follows the "made of paper" motif here), angry eagles and blowing wind.
NOTE Unlike the other games on this page, this one costs money to download (US$0.99)

Online games


Flash games | Non-Flash games

Flash games (unsuitable for iPhone or iPad)

A ridiculously addictive game, as players attempt to scale a cliff wall using all the keys on a keyboard -- think Twister for your fingers in video game form.

Climb it right
Use the arrows to keep climbing to the top!

Everest Quest
Climb the highest mountain in the world! make sure you get to the oxygen or you will run out of energy!

Climb Mt Asgard.
Berghaus have launched an online rock climbing flash game to give the general public a virtual taste of a major climbing adventure climbing Mt Asgard on Baffin Island.

Climber game.
Climb the steep mountains while dodging falling debris. Try to get up as far as possible!

Mountaineer flash game.
Click and drag the hands and feet to move upwards, but make sure you keep to human limitations!


Real world games | Online games | KC Games

KC Games

Climbing Quiz
A quick quiz that helps you to remember some important stuff.

Download and print
Climbing skills wordsearch (pdf 8Kb)
Climbing skills wordsearch answers (pdf 12Kb)

I want to put together a whole downloadable booklet of climbing-related puzzles and games, so if you have any ideas or examples please let me know.




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All about Geckos

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