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BMC Indoor Climbing/Youth & Equity Videos
The BMC have an interesting Indoor Climbing Videos page, not specifically to do with small children, but containing some useful videos for parents or carers of children who climb.

28 October 2013
The BMC launches their new video channel

World speed climbing record

Check out this mobile-friendly video about the BMC Youth Climbing series event at Eica Ratho in Scotland.

19 August 2013
Telegraph online. "What children want to do this summer: rock climbing"
A video on kids rock climbing.

World speed climbing record

18 Oct 2012
Latest world speed climbing record - 15 metres in 5.88 seconds - set in 2012.

Awesome wall in Holland!

12 December 2011
Check out this video of an amazing outdoor climbing wall called the Excalibur Tower in Holland:

Excalibur Tower in Holland

Bjoeks Climbing Wall in Groningen, Netherlands from TV on Vimeo.

4 year old climbs at E1 5b

A 4 year-old lead climbing a 5.10b - (equivalent to British E1 5b!)

Climbing robots

Climbing robots designed for Mars mission.
Visit the New Scientist site for more...

13 year old Adam Ondra on very hard climb

Adam Ondra video - it's amazing
A 13 year old Czech climber on a very hard route in 2006. Inspiring!

Persevering on a hard climbing problem

Oranjeboulder - Indoor Climbing - George Westerbeek

Excellent video showing a climber practicing a sequence of moves on a hard (7a rated) route on a short indoor wall, and finally succeeding. Shows lots of useful techniques, and how not giving up gets you there!

2006 Inaugural comp @ Bulderking Warning - long download time
Spanish indoor climbing competition - long download, but worth waiting for - lots of techniques on show.

Ice Climbing Bear

Bernard - Ice-climbing bear (short version)
Bernard - Ice-climbing bear (long version with advert) Warning - long download time
Funny CG animation of a bear who's always getting into trouble.



For Retailers and Climbing Walls
Kidsclimbing can get you sales and customers, but as a non-profit site, we ask that you contribute a minimum of £10 to Kidsclimbing's charity, The Children's Trust we will then add or restore a link to your products. Check out the Testimonials page to see what responses we're getting from our visitors.
In return, you'll get great exposure for your shop plus an entry in our Caring Companies list.

Children's Trust logo

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14 Oct 2015

Huge thanks to Cold Mountain Kit for their recent generous donation of £100 to the Kidsclimbing charity the Childrens Trust! See the recent Cold Mountain Kit updates on the Kids Gear pages. Also go to the handy Kids gear page on the Cold Mountain Kit site.
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13 April 2015
Big thanks to Brian of the Climbing Works in Sheffield, for your generous donation to Kidsclimbing's charity the Children's Trust! Climbing Works is for those children who love to climb anything or everything, or adults looking for a new sport that is beyond the norm.
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24 Oct 2014
Many thanks Stacey & Keith of Adventurous Little Legs, the specialists in outdoor clothing and gear for little adventurers, for your generous donation to Kidsclimbing's charity the Children's Trust!
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28 Dec 2013
9 year old boy climbs tallest peak in the Americas!
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17 Nov 2013
New Social Media page. Find all the Twitter feeds, Facebook channels and Blogs you need.

03 Nov 2013
Welcome to the new fully revamped Kidsclimbing site! It should be viewable on all devices, such as desktops, tablets and phones. Please let me know if you have any problems on your device, letting me know what device and browser you're using so other users can get a better experience. Thanks!

12 Oct 2013
Many thanks to Cold Mountain Kit for contributing £10 to the Kidsclimbing Charity!

Thanks to our fantastic artist Abi for creating the cool cartoons especially for Kidsclimbing that you can see in our tablet or desktop views of this site.

Secondhand kids gear
Any parents/carers who have second hand/outgrown children's climbing shoes/walking boots please contact me and I'll post them up for sale on the noticeboard.

If you have any comments or questions about this site or you can write a review of any of the gear, please contact me.

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All about Geckos
All about Geckos

All about Geckos (mobile version)

Why is the gecko the symbol of Kidsclimbing?

  1. They have an amazing capacity to climb
  2. They are small, agile and funny
  3. They get everywhere

- Just like kids!


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